Sunday, June 13, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 06/12/10: Hole in the Wall, Secret Mission Man, June Soup

1. Russell and I ate a satisfying lunch at Hole in the Wall BBQ: 1/2 Chicken with sweet bbq sauce, potato salad, green beans, corn bread muffin (with butter and honey) and ice cold lemonade.

2. Two secret missions to Springfield worked out really well with good news at the completion of mission #1 and securing the item I was looking for on misson #2. The missions are a secret. Shhh. I have to be vague, but I want a written record that I went on these missions.....

3. The Deke thought a ham and bean soup would be good to have around and she was absolutely right. Thick, salty, with just the right balance of sweet strings of ham and meaty white beans, it fed my body and spirit at the conclusion of Secret Mission #2.

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inlandempiregirl said...

Ham and bean soup sounds so good. Please post pictures of your yard makeover!