Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sibling Assignment #130: April Stuff, or, Here's what I Did Since I Couldn't Meet the Assignment..

Silver Valley Girl gave us the last assignment relating to the theme of April. "The name April is very common for girls born in this month. Write about a person you know whose name is April, and what impact they have made on your life."

InlandEmpireGirl wrote about a friend I will meet in a few weeks, here.

Maybe I should wait until after the Northwest Inland Writing Project retreat to write this post. Chance are i would then know a person named April who has made an impact on my life.

Right now: no one.

I've known a couple of women named April, but one was a friend of Silver Valley Girl's, so I only knew her when she was in grade school and the other is a past student of mine. I think she'll be student again in the fall. I don't want to write about someone with whom I only have a student teacher relationship.

Therefore, I'm putting the term "April" in the search engine and see what fun, maybe even interesting, links emerge:

Here's a list of of the Museum of Hoaxes Top 100 April Fool's Day Hoaxes.

Wikipedia has all kinds of facts and trivia about April, here.

I used to sit at the stereo for hours and play and replay Deep Purple's song "April". It's here.

April 19th, today, is Humorous Day. Tomorrow the stakes go up. It's Cuckoo Day. Go here and see a long list of Holidays and Special Days that fall in April -- plus, you'll learn that April if more than just National Poetry month.

Want to know what happened in history in April? Go here.

Or how about the history of April Wine?

Want relationship advice? April writes what Dear Abby will never print and what your shrink doesn't have the guts to tell you. Find out what April has to say, here.

I think that's enough. Sorry I haven't know any one named April well enough to write about her.

I hope one or two of these links tickled you....

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inlandempiregirl said...

Very clever post! Unfortunately you won't meet April at the retreat. April co facilitates the SI with me. Were you thinking of Anna, Bev's daughter? Anyway... hopefully you will get to meet her someday since she grew up in Kooskie and now her inlaws have a place in Orofino! lol.