Friday, June 25, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 06/24/10: No More Sea, Sorting, NBA Draft Memories

1. It looks like the spigot/hose connections are fixed: no more Adriatic Sea with each yard watering, I hope.

2. I'm trying to get my electronic products sorted out. What works? What doesn't? What cords go to what? My possessions are modest, for sure, but need sorting out.

3. Listening to the NBA Draft on ESPN radio while sorting electronics, I thought, again, about how things have changed over the last fifteen years, or so. It used to be, I really knew something about players coming into the NBA draft. They had played college ball for three or four years, I'd watched them develop in college; they were familiar to me. Not any more. For one thing, I don't watch college basketball on television. What's more, premium players leave for the NBA after a year, sometimes two, occasionally three years of college ball and I just don't get familiar with them. It's funny. The best part of following the NBA draft and knowing players better when I was younger was predicted not who would succeed, but who would bomb. Earlier today discusson on ESPN radio looked at such players, ones drafted high since the lottery started -- Dennis Hopson, Chris Washburn, for example and I thought of pre-lottery bombs like Joe Barry Carroll, Keith Lee, Sam Bowie...Lord only knows why remembering such things is so fun for me.

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