Saturday, June 26, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 06/26/10: Los Cumbiamberos, Yard Work, Return to Yi Shen

1. Russell and I went on a photo excursion to Fifth Street Market here in Eugene. I hadn't been to Fifth Street for several years and with each new remodel and improvement of the market, I feel more and more out of place. The highlight of our excursion was the live music of Los Cumbiamberos. We listened to three of the members play. Here is their whole group:

2. I'm getting into a yard and garden routine. I weeded the rest of the area near the street today and mowed the front yard. I've got plans for more work tomorrow. I'm trying to keep each day's tasks reasonable. I'm trying to keep up by doing a reasonable amount each day.

3. I loved my chicken, BBQ pork, and tofu yakisoba noodles at Yi Shen today. Russell and I hadn't eaten there for a while. We've tried out some different places. I'm glad we went back to where we've enjoyed many Saturday lunches over the past nine months or so.

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