Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 06/15/10: Celtics and Quigley, Riva's, Pot Roast Sandwich, BONUS -- Terrific Dentist Visit....

1. Okay. I suffered. The Celtics got creamed tonight by the Lakers. But, I was on Facebook with Kendall, Bobbie, and Susan. Kendall and Bobbie got into some entertaining smack talk. Susan hauled Michael Quigley from the other side into the thread and it was fun remembering his devotion to the Celtics and his contentious ways, especially when he would eat Hong Kong fried rice and get worked up and spit fried rice across the room as he defended Larry Bird or expressed his outrage that someone liked a movie that he considered flawed. (I didn't enjoy much of that contentiousness at the time, but somehow remembering it is more pleasant.) By the way one of my favorite moments in the Facebook thread was when I put RIP by Michael's name and Susan upbraided me: "he's not resting in peace you misguided loyalty EAST COAST CELTICS FAN. he would be so bored with that! He's resting CONTENTIOUSLY..." Indeed. Indeed.

2. After the game a case of hunger broke out in our home and I buzzed over to Riva's Taco Shop and picked up a chicken enchilada combination plate and a chicken fajitas combination plate and the hunger outbreak was cured.

3. I popped that little Trader Joe's pot roast in the microwave, sliced it, laid the slices on some Farmhouse Multi-grain bread, added a slice of Swiss cheese and a few streaks of my favorite mustard, French's yellow, and enjoyed a sandwich. Fact is, I did this twice today and will probably repeat it tomorrow.

Bonus: Kristen (and Trish, too) (and Jane before them) at Robert Stephenson's dentist office is a superb dental hygienist. She's attentive, efficient, friendly, professional, and kind. Stevenson is a great dentist, too. I go every three months and after years and years of dreading my visits to the dentist's office, I look forward to these people attending to my dental needs. I had a relaxing visit to the dentist today and will go back tomorrow to begin having a crown replaced. I'm not dreading it at all.

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inlandempiregirl said...

What? Relaxing time at the dentist. So it isn't so... I think it is the time to bring Griz out of retirement. You can't enjoy visiting the dentist. That is just wrong!