Saturday, June 19, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 06/19/2010: Ritta and Memories, Bloggin', Walking Miss Maggie

1. Ritta's Burritos has been in business since 1978 and I moved to Eugene in August of 1979 and I'm thinking it wasn't too long, too many weeks or months or years after moving here that I ate my first Ritta Burrito. I had one and a half Ritta Burritos today. It had been several years since I ate one and memories of my early days in graduate school, of hanging out with Doug and Jeff, of street fairs at the U. of O., of family members working for at Ritta's booth, of Ritta's restaurant years ago on Monroe Street, and even memories of the Oregon Country Fair overcame me as I ate the burrito and a half the Deke brought home from the Saturday Market.

2. I've been devoting more time to this blog. I'm caught up on back sibling assignments and am enjoying having the time to get some writing done. Next up: watch some movies!

3. Tomorrow and again for about ten days starting on Tuesday, I'll be in charge of both Snug and Maggie. I'm going to walk Maggie around the block when it's time for her to do her business. I did that today and it was really pleasant. One of our neighbors who lives on our block saw me and did a funny double take. He's used to seeing me walk Snug and I could tell he thought Snug shrunk.

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