Sunday, January 6, 2013

Three Beautiful Things 01/05/13: Delete Ruthlessly, Sushi Cone, Corgi Talk at Albertson's

1.  "Delete Ruthlessly".  This is Peter West Carey's advice.  I'm trying to do this and today I reduced a folder of nearly 150 pictures at Delta Ponds to about 35.  I not only deleted shots out of focus, but also repetitive shots and pictures that I knew I wouldn't post or put in albums or ever print.  In general, in life, I like getting rid of things.  So, now I have another way to get rid of things:  delete ruthlessly.

2.  Russell and Allie and I went to Pure for lunch and I had a great bowl of chicken udon soup.  I also ordered a sushi roll that came to me wrapped in seaweed leaf and presented to me in such a way that it looked like an ice cream cone.  It's called hand roll(ed) sushi and I enjoyed how it tasted, but had a hell of a time deciding how to go about eating it. 

3.  I bought the corgis rawhide pieces at Albertson's and the cashier, who is always really nice, asked me about the dogs and their coloring and the girl bagging my groceries joined in.  It was a lot of fun.  I kept the fact that the corgis are dorks to myself.  At home, we know what that means. 

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