Sunday, January 13, 2013

Three Beautiful Things 01/12/13: Chilly Photos, Won Ton Bliss, Out on the Town

1.  A chilly, but fun and successful photo stroll on the east side of campus with Russell this morning was really fun.

2.  Russell and I hadn't been to Yi Shen for a while and I nearly levitated -- I enjoyed my bowl of Won Ton soup that much.

3.  The Deke and I decided to have some snacks and a couple of drinks at Cornucopia.  The hot wings and sliders were terrific as was the Widmer Bros. Hefeweisen.  We had a jolly time, talking, having fun (and funny) talk with Justine.  And there's more!  We decided to see who was at Billy Mac's and while having a few 7 and 7s, while talkin' and laughin' it up with Cathy and Derrick and John and enjoying the Broncos and the Ravens, in walked the Danes!  Wow!  More great conversation and laughs!  And then Kathleen H. strolled in and said hello.  What a great outing for the Deke and me...good food, good drinks, great friends!  (Maybe we should leave the house more often.....)

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