Saturday, April 2, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 04/01/16: D. C. Morning Stroll, The Police Joined In, Martin Luther Comes to Dinner

1.  The last few mornings, Maggie and Charly have been wanting to be fed between 5 and 5:30 and I haven't had the will to resist them. So, this morning, after feeding them and taking them out back to do their business, I wrote my blog post, gathered up my camera, and drove to Union Station to park, grab a coffee and chocolate croissant, jump on the Circulator bus, start taking pictures at the Jefferson Memorial, and see where things went from there.  I wanted to take pictures in early morning sunlight, but, as luck would have it, the morning was overcast and a little bit rainy; furthermore, many of the cherry blossoms were past their peak and were getting shaggy.  No problem.  I accepted what the world around me had to give and did my best to take some good pictures and enjoyed walking for about 2.5 miles.  I'll put a sampling of pictures at the end of this post.

2. On my way to the National Mall Floral Library (also called the Tulip Library), the woman who was helping people cross the street started to talk at length about a great block party she went to in Maryland and was ecstatic about how fun it was to have DJs and music and food and drink and to enjoy so many people just getting together and enjoying each other in unity -- the way things should be. Yeah, some killjoy neighbor called the cops on them with a noise complaint, but when the police got there, they joined in and there was no problem and anyway, they had posted notices around the neighborhood that they were having this party and it was all good. At first, I thought she was talking to someone on the phone through the earpiece she was wearing, but then I realized she was telling me her story and I got to hear it all because the red light was lengthy and when it turned green she told me to have a blessed day and I dittoed that and went on my way.

3.  The Deke and I went over to the Diazes for a very tasty tomato soup dinner, featuring soup and cheese-topped baguette slices and we ended up having a most unexpected and really fun discussion of the Protestant Reformation.  You just never know.

Here are some pictures from my gray morning photo stroll down at the Tidal Basin and on over to the National Mall:

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