Saturday, April 16, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 04/15/16: Turnpike Fantasy, Growler and Gill Can Chill Beer!, Gabbin'

1. When the Deke and I streak in our silver Sube up the New Jersey Turnpike on our way to Nyack, NY to see Adrienne, I always imagine we are in a Bruce Springsteen song that probably has never been written.

2. Next door to Nyack is Nanuet, home to our favorite East Coast taproom and bottle shop, Growler and Gill. We met up there with Alex and Adrienne and we found out that they have a chiller and can have beer off the shelf chilled and ready to serve in three minutes.  Thanks to this discovery, we let Growler and Gill beer god, Nick, introduce us to Pipeworks Brewing Company's exquisite double IPA, Ninja vs Unicorn. We loved it. Nick serving us this beer led to a conversation about DC Brau which led Nick to rave about the day some one brought some On the Wings of Armageddon to him in New York and how much he loved that beer and I promised Nick that I would, if it were available, bring him some Wings next time the Deke and I come up to Nyack/Nanuet

3. Back at Adrienne's apartment, Alex, the Deke, Adrienne, and I continued our party, gabbing, listening to music provided by Alexa, and drinking some of the excellent beers we brought back with us from Growler and Gill. I especially enjoyed trying some Lagunitas Sucks for the first time.

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