Thursday, April 28, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 04/27/16: Air Machine, Party with Brian, "Secret" Restrooms

1.  I discovered that the Shell station across from the Beltway Plaza on Greenbelt Road has a machine I'd never seen before. It's an air machine with a setting that makes it possible to put a specific amount of air in a tire to reach a specific pressure. The Sube has a tire with a slow leak -- getting it checked on Thursday -- and I was happy to be able to put just the right amount of air in the tire.

2. Molly, the Deke and I piled into the Sube and buzzed down to Union Station where we parked and we made our way to the bar at the Washington Court Hotel and met up with the Deke's brother Brian and his business associate, Josh.  We fell right into easy conversation and then made our way to Johnny's Half Shell where we ate seafood and capped off the night at Kelly's Irish Times.  It was a superb party, with lots of good stories, pictures, updates, and laughs.

3. My occasional drives into downtown DC and knowing my way to the parking garage really paid off this evening as we got downtown fairly quickly, parked easily, navigated Union Station efficiently, making the whole evening very relaxing. When we got back to Union Station after our time with Brian, I impressed Molly and the Deke with my knowledge of the what seemed like secret upstairs restrooms at Shake Shack -- a lifesaver.

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