Friday, April 1, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 03/31/16: Molly is the Boss, Train Station Pick Up, Great Beer Variety

1.  I stopped off at Starbucks to buy Molly a white mocha and then whizzed straight to the Diaz house where Molly took charge of the assembling of the car seat, like a boss, and installed it correctly and safely in the Sube. This little morning trip saved me about three hours of time and made my life about 3.5 million times easier than if I had worked out the assembling of the car seat on my own. My deficiencies are what they are!

2. Traffic was moderate on the Beltway -- nonetheless, a reckless driver used the shoulder to needlessly pass me -- ha! -- heading down to the New Carrollton Amtrak station where I picked up the Deke and Olivia after their train trip from Nyack/Nanuet to Penn Station and on down to Maryland. The trip bored Olivia, but she recovered quickly once back home.

3. After the Deke took a little time to nap, she and I headed up to the Old Line Bistro where we split a reuben and I got to enjoy three very different beers.  I was very excited that the Old Line has Goose Island's Wild Ale called Lolita on tap. I hadn't quaffed a sour/wild ale for many months and it was a delight. Next up, I loved my pint of Flying Dog's Truth, a hoppy smashmouth imperial IPA that really sends me over the moon, and, for dessert, I had a half a pint of Star Hill's double chocolate stout which is like drinking a chocolate cupcake made from scratch. The Deke and I got caught up on some things after being apart since Good Friday and, without a doubt, had a great party.

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