Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 04/18/16: Stocking Up Again, Chicken Curry, Reading David Simon

1. I took a trip up to Laurel Corridor and bought beer at Total Wine and Polar seltzer water at Weis's so I won't have to concern myself with these products for a while. I also picked up a couple of Firestone Walker mixed 12 packs at Old Line, so now we have six cans of Luponic Distortion -- a beer disappearing from the shelves.

2. I boiled drumsticks, stripped the meat off the bone, and blended it with boiled potatoes and sauteed onions with green beans before pouring Madras curry sauce over all of it and the Deke and I ate this over rice I cooked with chicken stock instead of water.  It was a good meal.

3. The HBO series, The Wire, fascinated me and now I'm reading the first book written by David Simon, who helped create The Wire.  Back in 1988, the Baltimore Police Department's Homicide Unit gave Simon unlimited access to their detectives and their work and, in 1991, Simon published the book I'm reading:  Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets. It's a fascinating and unnerving book. David Simon is not only a superb story teller, but he writes most insightfully about how the bureaucracy of Baltimore's Police Department operates and the pressure the detectives are under to get murders solved, not so much in service to justice, but in service to the governmental system they work within.

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