Monday, April 25, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 04/24/16: Mother Carol is Retiring, More Turtles and Geese, DC Brau Blowout

1. I enjoy worshiping at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church and I know that the rector, Rev. Dr. Carol Jablonski contributes mightily to why I have such a good experience there. This morning, I found out that Mother Jablonski has decided to retire and will not only be leaving the parish in early June, but she and her husband, a deacon at St. John's, will be moving to North Carolina. She wrote an eloquent letter to the parish about her decision, the family matters that led to her decision, and her confidence that St. Andrew's will carry on well in her absence. Her letter and her decision deepened my respect for her. I never met Mother Jablonski. I only worshiped in her congregation, but I'll miss her as a celebrant and a preacher, for her leadership, and for her liturgical dignity and imagination.

2. I returned this afternoon to Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens. I figured (correctly) that on this clear, warm day I'd find happy turtles basking and geese both placidly gliding on some ponds and protecting their nests of eggs. Thanks to the warming weather, the lilies, lily pads, irises, and other flora are waking up and the difference in plant life from just two days ago was, in a few ponds, dramatic.  I took more pictures and if you'd like to see them, just scroll down.

3. DC Brau is not far from Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens and I had a little time on my hands, so, aware that last weekend was DC Brau's 5th anniversary party and, more important, aware that DC Brau had collaborated with five different brewers to create five different beers for the occasion, and, most important, knowing that those beers were still on tap, I headed to DC Brau's tasting room. I savored a pint of Ripa the Dipa, a rye double IPA, brewed in collaboration with Indiana's Sun King Brewery of Indianapolis. I wanted a six pack of this superb beer, but I learned awesome news when I inquired about it.  The brewery is selling a  Fifth Anniversary Collaboration Series six pack. It features each of the five collaborative beers along with the divine DC Brau Double IPA, On the Wings of Armageddon. I took the six pack to the Diazes where Molly, the Deke, and I had a spectacular beer tasting party.  I loved them all.  

Here are the five collaboration beers:

  • Celestial Garden, an India Pale Lager, brewed with Austin Beerworks
  • Pink Pallet Jack, a saison with hibiscus and rose hips, brewed with Perennial Artisan Ales of St. Louis
  • Ripa the Dipa, a rye double IPA with Sun King Brewery of Indianapolis
  • The Wise and the Lovely, an imperial mild stout with Cigar City Brewing of Tampa Bay and Harper Macaw Chocolate Makers, located next door to DC Brau on Bladensburg Rd., DC NE
  • Zehn von Zehn, a dunkel, brewed with Port City Brewing of Alexandria, VA
If you'd like to read a comprehensive article about these breweries and these collaboration, click right here. And if you'd like to see the design for the can of each beer, just scroll past the Aquatic Gardens pictures and you'll find them.

Still here?  Well, here are some pictures from my stroll through the Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens on Sunday:

And here are the Collaborative Series beer can designs:

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