Sunday, April 24, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 04/23/16: Light from the Past, Soup on the Spot, Grandpa Popcorn Again

1.  I haven't had pictures I've taken printed for a while and I suddenly remembered that in my Flickr account I have an album of hundreds of pictures I set aside to possibly print one day. I sorted through those pictures today, and some others from the past, and picked out about a hundred or so of them to print some time soon. It was fun to remember back to taking pictures at our Eugene house. The natural light that streamed inside that house was sublime, especially some mornings and some late afternoons and I enjoyed looking at some of the still life pictures I took there.  Likewise, I enjoyed still life pictures I took inside Christy and Everett's house at Martin Creek. I remember snapping some pictures when I was the first one up and around some mornings and the light was just perfect. It'll be fun to see how the prints look.  I'll post examples of light from the past at the bottom of this post.

2. The masala curry with coconut milk over green beans, potatoes, and chicken I made the other night got thick in the leftover container, so I thinned it with some leftover chicken stock turned it into a splendid soup.

3. Molly brought David and Olivia to our apartment home for to sleep overnight and I got to become Grandpa Popcorn we all shared in a big bowl of buttery, salty Orville Ridenbacher popped on the stovetop in a stock pot with oil.

Here are a couple of pictures from the house we lived in Eugene, followed by a couple of still life pictures I took at Martin Creek:

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