Monday, April 11, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 04/10/16: Celebrating the Days of Easter, Fun at DC Brau, Ana's Growing Up

1.  Now that we are well into the fifty days of Easter in the Episcopal Church, things have cheered up since the forty days of Lent.  This morning the sun illuminated the stained glass, the hymns were celebratory, and, in the reading from Acts, Saul became Paul in a blinding moment on the road to Damascus. There were many good reasons for all the alleluias we proclaimed today.

2. The Deke and I decided to relax for an hour or so at the DC. Brau Brewing Company's tasting room. I found my self longing for a pint of On the Wings of Armageddon, DC Brau's smooth and potent imperial IPA -- and the only place to quaff a pint is at the brewery itself.  (I'm hoping they will be able to fill cans and growlers again one day, but, for now, it's drink it on site or don't drink it at all!) We had a great time.The beer was awesome. The vibe couldn't have been better. Luther Wright and the Wrongs were on the sound system playing bluegrass covers of  Pink Floyd's The Wall, a handful of people were at different tables playing board games or shooting the breeze, and bartender John proudly told me, when I asked, that he has now gone 47 straight days without a cigarette. He's amazed by how good beer tastes again! On our way out, we stopped by the Paraguayan/Argentine Project Milanesa food truck to tell the proprietors that if we didn't already have dinner plans, we'd have a bite to eat and asked them when they'd be back. They gave us some mouth watering samples of their corn salad, cabbage and corn salad, and chicken nuggets and told us they'd be at Atlas Brew Works next Sunday. So will we.

3. We closed out our Sunday with dinner at the Diazes and not only enjoyed a fine salmon dinner, but remarked often how Ana's chubby baby cheeks are shrinking and she's getting older fast, right before our eyes as she crawls, pulls herself up and stands, tries to find her balance -- walking can't be too far off -- , and as she makes more and more noises that are beginning to resemble vowels, making me think that words aren't too far away.

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