Monday, April 18, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 04/17/16: Motoring to Maryland, Meeting Up with T. Turner, Yakkin' at the Diazes

1. After a sunny and relaxing morning at Adrienne's, the Deke and I hit the road, made a quick stop on the Garden State Parkway's Montvale Service Center and staggered into Dunkin' Donuts for some dark roast coffee and a bagel with cream cheese, gassed up at Sunoco, and soon we flew in the Sube  to the New Jersey Turnpike, over the Delaware Memorial Bridge, through the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel, and into the driveway at the Diazes, basking in the glow of our weekend trip to NY. It was a great success.

2. Almost immediately I left the Diazes and drove to the Maryland Live! Casino at Arundel Mills to meet Terry Turner who had just flown into Baltimore Washington International Airport on business.We had arranged to meet at Bobby Flay's Burger Palace, ordered ourselves some dinner, and commenced to get caught up on what's going on with Terry in Oregon, me in Maryland, and on news from our home, North Idaho's Silver Valley. Terry asked for a lift to Baltimore, so we piled into the Sube and scurried up 295 to the Hyatt on the Inner Harbor, sat down at the bar, had a drink, and continued our efforts to solve the world's problems.  I got back to the Diazes at 8:30, as planned. This visit with Terry topped off a superb weekend of travel and visiting.

3. Back at the Diazes, conversation shifted to C. S. Lewis and Shakespeare and stone statues coming to life and the parables of Jesus and I was blown away that we were talking about such matters until after 10 p.m. in the evening. It's been a while since I've been asked to draw upon my many years of Shakespeare study -- and, I admit, I felt rusty (ha! of course I'm rusty!), but it was fun and stimulating to yak about Shakespeare and Elizabethan sermons and plays and Marlowe and the prodigal son and . . .  . Wow!. . . .

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