Thursday, April 14, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 04/13/16: No Scream Barking, Vacuuming in Peace, Inventing a Dinner

1.  Maggie and Charly were due for shots at the vet at Petsmart and it's always a huge relief when I take them in and pick them up and we don't encounter other dogs. Other dogs inspire Maggie to scream bark and Charly is a follower and follows suit. We didn't encounter other dogs today. A small victory.

2. You know what else sends Maggie and Charly into spasms of panic barking?  The vacuum cleaner. And so, while the dogs were at the vet, I vacuumed our apartment home in peace, a pleasure I rarely experience and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

3. I liked the price of the packages of drumsticks at Costco, so I bought one of the three-packs and froze two of the packs.  I took the five drumsticks out of the pack I didn't freeze and covered them with Greek seasoning and baked them along with chopped up red potatoes.  After the drumsticks had baked for a while, I added a can of diced tomatoes, seasoned with oregano and pepper flakes, and a can of chickpeas to the baking dish and topped the mixture with slices of sweet red pepper. After the chicken was done baking and the dish was warmed up, I topped it with feta cheese crumbles and Kalamata olives.  For a side dish, I covered slices of  cucumber and yellow pepper and mint leaves with rice vinegar and olive oil and salt and pepper.  It was a good dinner.

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