Friday, April 29, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 04/28/16: Tire Repaired, Sharp Dressed Man, Hard Copies

1.  After I dropped the Deke off at school, I blasted over to the Sunoco station/Greenbelt Automotive and not only did the Sube's front left tire get looked at almost immediately, it turned out that it was slowly leaking air because of a nail had taken residence in the tire. While I had a bagel and coffee at the Co-op and got a prescription refilled at the Co-op pharmacy, the tire got repaired and I was back home within an hour.

2. I never buy clothes and it shows. I've decided, at least for a while, that I should make one clothing purchase a month so I have a few more shirts and some pants beyond a pair of church slacks and three pairs of jeans. This afternoon, I darted up to Costco and bought a short-sleeved shirt and a pair of pants. I think I will wear my new ensemble at Phyllis's 90th birthday party on Saturday in Lansing, MI -- or, maybe I'll wear my new clothes on the flight to Detroit.  Look at how many new possibilities suddenly opened up.  It's dizzying.

3. Every time I fly somewhere and can check in at home and print out a boarding pass, I am unusually giddy when the electronic process is successful. I haven't reached that magic moment I'm sure many others have where I can take these things for granted. I also like having hard copies of stuff in my keeping when I travel. The hard copies reassure me and help me relax. That's just how I roll -- and fly.   So, I got out a manila folder and now it holds our car rental confirmation, our flight confirmation, our boarding passes, our receipt for our checked baggage (I enjoy boarding a plane without my suitcase -- I'm part of a dying breed), and our auto insurance information. If I had made the Hampton Inn reservations, I'd have a hard copy of that confirmation, too. Oh! Wait.  I think I have an email that was forwarded to me with the confirmation number on it!  I'm headed to the printer right now!

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