Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Three Beautiful Things 01/02/17: Back to the Pool, Memories of Conrad, Tomato Soup

1. I had only been three days since I was in the pool. I missed it. I arrived at Senior Swim early today so I could do some jogging before class started and our instructor, Marsha, gave us a good workout today and all day long my skin tingled and I felt refreshed from all that moving around.

2. I heard from my lifelong friend, Roger, today (and later his sister Trudi)  that his dad, Conrad, had slipped into a coma after he'd been taken by ambulance to the hospital for heart problems, a bladder infection, and other complications. Roger told me he thought his father's well-lived life was about to end. Immediately, this news triggered a rush of memories of Con who was my optometrist and a generous host of my numerous visits to hang out with Roger from grade school all the way through high school and on breaks in college. Con and his wife, Jeni, visited Dad about five or six days before he died. They were back in Kellogg for visit, having moved some time earlier to McMinnville, OR, and I remain deeply appreciative that they paid their last respects to my father that day.  Roger and I shared a few memories via text message during the day and they added some levity to the sadness that Con may not be with us much longer.

3. I did a little shopping at the Co-op today and suddenly the idea that tomato soup would make for a good dinner struck me. I didn't find any of that tomato soup in a carton at the store, so I got out my phone and looked up recipes online and realized we had everything at home I needed to cook it.  It was simple: chop up and fry four slices of bacon to a crisp, add chopped onion, garlic, and carrots and let them saute, pour canned tomatoes and chicken broth over this mixture, let it simmer for a half an hour, puree it, pour in some milk, and boom!: tomato soup. I had never made tomato soup that included bacon before and it gave the soup a tasty smokey flavor. If you'd like to read the entire recipe, it's right here. The Deke and I enjoyed it a lot.

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