Thursday, January 12, 2017

Three Beautiful Things 01/11/17:Adrienne and Alex Return, Hung Phat Spree, Old Line to the Rescue

1. The traffic was light under a cloudless sky, making the twenty-five minute drive to the Baltimore Washington airport easy and, when I arrived, Adrienne and Alex were at the curb. We swept out of the terminal area, buzzed down to the Diazes, and I listened happily as Adrienne and Alex told me all about the fun they had on their get away to Chicago.  Alex and Adrienne reunited with Jack and soon were on the road to New York.

2. I picked up some coconut milk, coconut cream, different kinds of noodles, and other items at Hung Phat, the Asian grocery I enjoy shopping at in Wheaton. I enjoy slowly perusing the shelves at Hung Phat, marveling at all the different sauces, pastes, fish products, noodles, and other foodstuffs that I wish I had a better knowledge of and knew how to add to dishes in my kitchen.

3.  Because of another teacher's absence, the Deke had to take thirteen extra students into her classroom where there were no chairs or desks for them. She worked with thirty-nine third graders today. (If simple solutions to this problem have just sprung up in your mind, believe me, none of them were options in the school where the Deke teaches.)  It was a difficult day, but she pushed through it, with some help from the school librarian, and I knew when I picked her up after work that we'd be heading straight for Old Line where we relaxed, drank a couple of beers, and enjoyed calamari and, later, margherita flatbread. Sometimes this place, tucked into a corner of a former Circuit City building, is a life saver -- and that was the case this evening.  The Deke ended a difficult day with a great party.

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