Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Three Beautiful Things 01/30/17: Ride to School, PrintMania, Kitchenware

1. Our printer sits near a large sliding door/window in our apartment home's living room. We live level with the ground on the backside of our building.  This morning, I was printing school related documents for the Deke and, outside, a youngster walked by. I had never seen him before. I gave a little wave. He returned it. A few minutes later, a knock on the door. It was the youngster. "Can you drive me to school?" I told him to wait a minute, crated the dogs, and put on my shoes and I got to know David a little. School was on a two hour snow delay today and he missed his bus -- the driver saw him hurrying to catch it, but took off anyway. He attends Greenbelt Middle School, very close to where the Deke's school is located. He's a seventh grader. He's a new student. He and his mom and a sibling just moved into our apartment building a short time ago.  He shook my hand when I dropped him off, expressed his appreciation for the lift, and I went back to printing.

2.  Often when the Deke prints out school materials at home, she does it under time pressure and if something goes goofy with her computer or with the printer, she runs out of time and it's frustrating.  I, on the other hand, had a wide open day today so I just printed everything in the Deke's document folder and on her laptop's desktop that was related to classroom instruction. I think because I wasn't rushed and I didn't rush her computer, there were no freezes. I had one minor paper jam, but overall the printing of about 750 pages of materials went just fine and the Deke -- well, she thought I was crazy to print all these master copies for her, but she was very appreciative.

3.  I relaxed this evening by purchasing a cannister set online and exploring the world of prep and pinch bowls on the World Wide Web in my ongoing efforts to reorganize the kitchen.

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