Sunday, January 22, 2017

Three Beautiful Things 01/21/17: Adrienne at the March, John Henry Jones, Grandpa Popcorn Returns

1. Adrienne rode a bus from Nyack very early this morning to Washington, D. C. so she could take part in the Women's March on Washington.  Through text messages and phone calls, I enjoyed keeping track of how she was doing, making her way on the crowded train from New Carollton to South Capitol Station, slowly working her way out of the jam packed South Capitol Station, and making her way by foot to the National Mall. She called me from near the Mall. I didn't hear from her again until she arrived back at New Carrollton Station and found her bus.  She called to say she'd had an awesome day and that she would be returning to Nyack once her fellow passengers also made it back to the bus.

2. I arrived back to our apartment home this afternoon after trips to Costco and MOM's Organic (both awesome, by the way) and, when I got out of the Sube, I struck up a conversation with the man who delivers the free weekly Greenbelt News Review to our apartment complex and all over town. His name is John Henry Jones. He's 89 years old. Years ago he lived here at Lakeside North for a tenth of the rent we pay now. Ha! He told me how he had marched in all the big marches with Martin Luther King, Jr. and others in D. C. and about his work at St. Elizabeth's Hospital (built in 1852) in Anacostia. The hospital is down to 1000 beds now, but served 7000 patients when he worked there. This was a fascinating conversation. It closed when John Henry gave me a small stack of papers and asked me to take them in the building I live in to save some of the wear and tear on his sore knees.  I did.

3. I got to be Grandpa Popcorn tonight after a long absence.  David and Olivia came over for a sleepover with the Deke and me and we had a popcorn party.  It was a quiet evening. They each played independently of each other.  David constructied stuff and Olivia started reading a book the Deke bought for her.  When it was time, they happily went to bed.

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