Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Three Beautiful Things 01/10/17: Giddy PetSmart Checker, Agility Drills in the Pool, Jack's Visit is Ending

1.  So, Maggie eats prescription dog food and to buy it at PetSmart I need a prescription form printed out and the Deke wasn't sure where the form was so I went to the vet's counter in the back of PetSmart to have a new one printed out and it was closed because the employees were having a team meeting so I thought I'd take a chance and I plucked a bag of prescription food off the shelf, but the checker kindly and apologetically told me she couldn't sell it to me without the printed prescription form and I understood and I decided to see if while I was in Idaho if maybe the printed form was still where I keep it, so I went out to the Sube and checked the glove box and there it was and I returned and the checker who had apologetically turned me down when I didn't have the printed prescription form now accepted my purchase and, when she saw that I found the printed prescription form, she was downright giddy.

2. Okay. I was having some foot problems in 2016 that have cleared up, it seems. Today, I realized that I used do freshman football (we were the Kellogg Kittens) agility drills and run in the pool. I quit because of foot discomfort. Now, that my foot feels fine, I ended nearly an hour of jogging in place, cross country skiing in place, and other exercises by returning to those other conditioning drills. It felt awesome.

3.  Tonight was Jack's last night at the Diazes before Adrienne and Alex return on Wednesday when they will head back to New York. So, the Deke and I had some dinner at Molly and Hiram's and soaked up all the excitement David, Olivia, and Jack experience with each other and watched Ana just try to figure out her place amidst all the boisterous activity.  She seemed most at ease when the Deke held her and read her books.

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