Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Three Beautiful Things 02/06/17: Jump Out of the Gym, Costco Chicken, Babes with Axes Dream

1. Back when I was a teenager, friends and I admired basketball players who had great leaping ability. We said they could "jump out of the gym". At swim class, we do some jumping exercises and lately I have been giving them some extra effort, pretending that, now, at sixty-three years old, for the first time, I can finally jump out of the gym.  (All I really do is make big waves.)

2. I found what looked like a really good lemon chicken recipe and determined to make it for dinner tonight. The Deke had requested a chicken dinner. I was more than happy to comply. I went to Costco with the idea of buying one of those packs of chicken thighs, baking some and freezing the rest. On my way into the store, though, someone came out with an already cooked whole chicken in his cart. I decided right then and there that the Deke and I would enjoy such a chicken and it would provide plenty of leftover meat for the Deke's daily lunch salads. So I bought one. When I got home, I roasted some baby yukons and yellow onion chunks and cooked a pan of frozen corn -- a comforting dinner.

3. I don't know much about music and performing and arranging, but today I repeatedly imagined The Babes with Axes having another reunion show and surprising everyone by opening the night with a riveting cover of Fleetwood Mac's "The Chain".  I found myself wanting to hear their voices harmonizing "Listen to the wind blow" and the rest of the song, moving through it link by link and to anticipate that moment when T. R. would play her take on John McVie's solo bass riff and whole band would come back in. It's a silly dream.  But, its silliness didn't keep me from hearing this phantom performance in my head much of the day today.

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