Monday, February 20, 2017

Three Beautiful Things 02/19/17: Puzzles and Ale, Chicken Soup, Ah! To Be Like Warden and Robards

1. Last month, the Deke and I worshiped at St. John's church in Bethesda and had a great talk with Rev. Betsy Tesi who had served as a priest at St. Mary's in Eugene and moved out here some time before we did and now serves at St. John's. Two weeks ago, we didn't return to worship because the Deke was sick; last Sunday I was sick; today, our guest Vicki was laid out all day with some kind of bug and we all stayed home. I decided to take a day off from reading much about contemporary governmental history and stayed off of Twitter and didn't click on links on Facebook related to the news. Instead, I worked acrostic puzzles online. I opened a 22 oz bottle of Heavy Seas whisky barrel-aged rye ESB, called 21 -- named after the brewery's anniversary -- and took five hours to drink it, a personal record for working my way leisurely to the bottom of a bottle of ale.

2.  In the refrigerator, I had stored jars of chicken stock I'd made recently. This came in handy because Vicki mentioned to the Deke how good chicken soup would taste. So I bought an already cooked chicken at the Co-op, took the meat off and chopped it up while I sauteed onion, carrots, and celery in the pot, added stock and chicken meat, and, in a separate pot, boiled rice noodles. When the noodles were done, I drained them and put them in the soup. Later on, Vicki ate a bowl of the soup and enjoyed it. We will hope that it was not only good tasting, but medicinal.

3. While I took a break from contemporary governmental history, I didn't take a break from 20th century governmental and journalistic history. The Deke decided to watch All the President's Men on her laptop and I listened to it while working puzzles. Whenever I dream of acting in a movie, there are three actors I wish I could be like. Two of them are in All the President's Men: Jack Warden and Jason Robards. I loved simply hearing their voices from the other side of the room and picturing how they give their characters a full life. (The third? Gene Hackman.)

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