Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Three Beautiful Things 02/20/17: Good Floppin', Accidental Tour of D.C., Stu and the New Wave

1.  The floppin' in the pool invigorated me today. The sequence of exercises worked perfectly and I thrived on the fifteen minutes of overtime I put in on my own after class ended.

2. Vicki, the Deke, and I went to the Diazes and then to Bethesda where Vicki will be visiting her sister-in-law. To our surprise and delight, Molly asked if she could join us, knowing that the Deke and I were planning to go out after we said farewell to Vicki. We left Bethesda and drove for several miles along Massachusetts Ave. and I listened to the Deke and Molly marvel at the sight of huge churches and cathedrals and at the elegance of one embassy after another as we passed along Embassy Row. I didn't perfectly navigate Scott Circle in D. C., but I recovered and we headed north and east on Rhode Island toward Eastern Avenue NE and ended our accidental tour of D. C. at DC Brau. It was a splendid and fun drive from Bethesda to DC Brau. It gave me more very welcome city driving experience and gave the Deke and Molly great sights to see and point out to each other.  (I couldn't take my eyes off the road and the traffic to look.) We didn't plan this. We didn't really know what we were doing. We just went where the GPS voice told us to go, knowing we wanted to end up at DC Brau. Navigating the traffic circles and figuring out some directions on the fly made me feel like I was enrolled in a self-taught D. C. driver's ed class.

3. After about 50 minutes of a really fun drive, we arrived at DC Brau. Within an hour, the Deke, Molly, and I were the only customers in the tasting room. We enjoyed some Wings of Armageddon and were really pleased with DC Brau's latest beer, Savor the Swill, a crisp, subtly spicy Helles Lager, released on February 11th. Our tap master was named Stu and Stu loves 80s music and so our evening played out to a soundtrack of Human League, Wall of Voodoo, Madness, Katrina and the Waves, and a host of other artists from the early and glorious and golden days of MTV.  I thanked Stu (a bona fide great guy) for the awesome music and we fell into an enthusiastic conversation about New Wave and other 80s music (his favs? The Cars and Blondie). The quality of my conversation with Stu was surpassed only by the wide-ranging yakking that transpired between the Deke, Molly, and me. The three of us don't get to go out together very often, but when we do, it's always a sterling time. Tonight was no exception.

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