Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Three Beautiful Things 02/13/17: Working Out, I Like Tam, IKEA Smiles

1. After forty-five minutes of stretching, jogging, jumping, and flopping in the pool during class, I stuck around another fifteen minutes and ran in the pool and did an old football drill, but in the water, that improves both wind capacity and agility. I got out of the pool and soaked and thoroughly relaxed in the hot tub -- or as it's known in the aquatic center, the hydro-therapy pool.

2. I had gone since October without a hair cut. I was getting really tired of how my shaggy mop looked. Today I finally dragged myself into the Hair Cuttery and was very happy to discover that Tam was available to cut my hair. I miss my former favorite hair cutter, Angela, who left to have a baby and did not return, but Tam is my new favorite: she's friendly, skilled, and very efficient. I just have to get in more often. I really don't want to look like a mop again.

3.  The Deke's school's PTA contributed an IKEA gift card toward buying some shelving for the two third grade classrooms -- the Deke bought her own shelving two years ago -- and I purchased the four boxes this evening. Unlike the first couple of times I went to IKEA, I really look forward to going there now. I don't feel lost anymore, I enjoy watching other customers and catching bits of their conversations as they make home furnishing decisions and, this evening, I had encounters with three friendly and helpful IKEA employees. I was grateful for their goodwill, excellent service, and our exchanges of warm smiles.

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