Sunday, February 12, 2017

Three Beautiful Things 02/11/17: Jailbreak, Black Flag, Giggy's

1.  The Deke and I decided to travel north and go to the Jailbreak Brewery in Laurel for the first time. The tasting room was a large room with lots of communal tables and off on one side were some comfortable looking living room chairs and sofas. The Deke enjoyed her Into the Night stout and I took advantage of Jailbreak having one cask conditioned beer on tap, their Big Punisher Double IPA with Equinox hops. Drinking this beer took me back to my introduction to cask conditioned ale all over England in 1979 and back to the days twenty years ago when I re-introduced myself to to cask conditioned beer at the High Street Brewery and Cafe in Eugene and took me back to those Sunday trips after church that Shane, Loren, the Troxstar, and I used to make to Oakridge where we enjoyed imperial pints of cask conditioned ale at the Brewers Union Local 180 Pub.

2. The Deke and I went to a another large tasting room in Columbia and each enjoyed a beer at the Black Flag Brewery -- another place we had never been. Like Jailbreak, the place was full of people, young and old and in between, yakkin', laughing -- one group was celebrating a 30th birthday. People to our left had their dog with them, so, like many tasting rooms at breweries, Black Flag welcomes well-behaved dogs. It was a good scene.

3.  Giggy's BBQ food truck was parked in front of the Black Flag Brewery and the Deke and I split a robust fried shrimp and sausage po boy with lettuce and tomatoes and cajun kick sauce. Neither of us could have eaten the whole thing alone and the hand cut fries and creamy cole slaw were perfect sides.

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