Monday, February 13, 2017

Three Beautiful Things 02/12/17: David Brooks' Sermon, Cooking Chicken, Podcast Dreams

1. The only thing not enjoyable about going to Jailbreak and Black Flag on Saturday was that I got sick by the time we got home. It was an intestinal bug of some kind. Consequently, the Deke and I did not go to church this morning, but we did listen on YouTube to the NYTime's columnist David Brooks give this morning's sermon at the National Cathedral. As he talked about beauty and the divine and about the loss of the ties that could bind us to one another in our country, I saw, in ways I won't detail here, my former life of study and teaching pass before my eyes and felt a rekindling of the love for specific ideas I worked with often in my reading and my teaching, ideas inspired in large part by Plato and especially by Shakespeare. If you'd like to hear his sermon, go here. It begins at about 35:30.

2. By early afternoon, my system had cleared out the bug -- or whatever happens when an illness is gone. The Deke went to the Diazes and I stayed home and played in the kitchen, cooking a whole chicken, taking the meat off its bones and storing it, and continuing my experiments with making chicken stock.

3. I went to bed and listened to the latest episode of The Big Listen, here, and throughout the night I dreamed of podcasts. In particular, I dreamed an episode broadcast by two sportswriters telling the story of their research about a baseball player from many decades ago who never made it to the big leagues, but who attracted their attention because his name was Capital Punishment.

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