Saturday, February 11, 2017

Three Beautiful Things 02/10/17: Patient Customer Service, Falafel Wrap, Ana Loves Pictures

1.  I had some business to take care of at Banfield at PetSmart and was very grateful to Desiree for her patience, humor,  and goodwill as we solved a small debit card problem, got a prescription for Maggie updated, and scheduled Maggie and Charly for their next appointment in March.

2. Before going over to the Diazes, where the Deke would be spending the night while Molly and Hiram went on a date to see The Fifth Element at the Air and Space IMAX theater, we split a really tasty falafel wrap, perfectly seasoned with a tart and nutty lemon tahini dressing, at Quench.

3.  After saying, "No!" three times when asked if she wanted to "see Bop", Ana, unprompted, walked over to me as I sat on a couch in the living room and plopped herself next to me so that we could look at a pictures of Molly when she was a little girl and look at animal pictures in a couple of Ana's books.

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