Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Three Beautiful Things 02/21/17: Touring NW D.C., Philly/NYC Trips, Green Hat Gin

1.  I drove to the upper reaches of northwest Washington, DC because, on a map, Little Falls Park looked like it might be an interesting place to hike. On the map, I couldn't find an entry to the park, but I thought I'd figure out how to get in there once I was there in person. Turns out the park is home to a heavily secured reservoir and I never did figure out how to get in, but I drove around and just below American University, I admired streets of beautiful homes -- I don't know if any of them were mansions -- and found a very handsome Episcopal Church -- St. David's -- built out of rock. So, even though my hiking plans fell apart, I had fun looking at and learning a bit more about what's located in a part of D. C. that I've spent little time in.

2. When Ed and Mike come to visit in early March, we will make a day trip to Philadelphia and another one to NYC and I started to figure out bus schedules and other details of our travel and what we might do for a day each place.

3. The Deke wanted to grade some papers at the bar at Old Line and relax after work. Until today, I had never tried Green Hat Gin, distilled in Ivy City, the same neighborhood in D. C. where Atlas Brew Works is located. So I had a pour with a little ice in it and its taste nearly floored me -- it was completely unique, unlike any gin I'd ever sampled. I loved smelling this gin. Yes, the juniper presence was there, but so were lemons and even oranges and I think I could smell and taste something like flowers.  Its taste, in a good way, stayed with me all evening and now I'm pretty sure that one of these Saturday afternoons when they are open, from 1-4, for tours and tastings and five buck cocktails that I'll have to pay the distillery a visit.

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