Sunday, December 31, 2006

Kellogg Tour: High School, Pictures Taken 12/20/06 (Part 3)

Kellogg High School was constructed in the mid-fifties and is an anomoly in local school architectural design. Other schools are primarily brick and others have the cement penitentiary look. Kellogg High School, tucked into Jacobs Gulch, is largely a glass structure:

Here's another view:

One of the attractions of Kellogg High School's design is how Jacobs' Creek runs under the building:

My many failures as a Kellogg High School basketball player took place in Andrew Gymnasium:

When I was in elementary school, I attended KHS basketball games. While the parents and adults came outside at half time to smoke cigarettes, my friends and competed to see who could throw snowballs the highest on this chimney that stood beside the gymnasium.

I got drunk for the first time in August of 1969, just below the high school. Here is a snowy tour of that area. First Hink, Windy, Jimmy, and I walked down a little road, where Dick, the YMCA swim team coach met us with the Coors beer:Then we settled into this little area near the creek and put away a case of beer. In those days, a case of beer was a twenty-four bottle/can box of beer. Today, I think the youngsters refer to a twelve pack as a case. I think of a twelve pack as a half a case of beer:

The view to the north from right behind Kellogg High School grows more spectacular with every year:

The view south also improves every year:

I hope you've enjoyed these pictures. We'll visit uptown Kellogg tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

nope a case is still 24!! Beautiful pics, thanks soooo much for sharing them with us!!!