Friday, December 29, 2006

Three Beautiful Things 12/29/06: Cronies, Shoe Relief, Book Gift

1. Mom, Jane, Christy and I went out to breakfast this morning at CJ's Cafe and saw a bunch of Kellogg men who meet every day at the cafe. I was especially grateful that Keith Green, another Dick and Floyd's softball teammate came over to our table to say hello. He escorted me to their table and I enjoyed shaking hands with Jack Wombolt and Floyd Williams (former proprietor of Dick and Floyd's) and seeing Mike Bencich again.

2. Finding out that a shoe Snug had chewed the end of the heel off of was actually a toy, not a shoe anyone wears. Beauty in relief.

3. Paul, my brother-in-law, finished Michael Lewis' book, "The Blind Side". He has been reading it non-stop since yesterday and was fully engrossed. I thought he'd love it. That's why I gave it to him for Christmas. I really do enjoy getting the gift of a book right!

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