Sunday, September 27, 2009

Three Beautiful Things 09/27/09: Hoosier Mess of Beans, Snug and Sunlight, Sit n Go Victory

1. The Deke got her Hoosier groove on again for dinner. Slow, slow cooked green stringed beans and bacon with corn cut off the cob with cannellini beans from the can added later: it's simple, full of bacon and fresh vegetable flavor, and deeply satisfying. We had fresh tomatoes with a balsamic drizzle and cottage cheese on the side.

2. Walking Snug in the cool autumn sunshine pleased him, tired him out, and gave me my daily exercise.

3. Watched Rhonda at a Zynga Sit n Go poker table almost get defeated, but rise up and vanquish her last opponent and win the table. It was suspenseful and Rhonda played her hands beautifully. I don't think her opponent knew what hit her. Go Kellogg Class of '72!

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