Monday, September 21, 2009

Three Beautiful Things 09/20/09: Workload, Wobbly Everest Analolgy, Compromise

1. While walking into a strong headwind on Heceta Beach, I thought of ways to make my workload more reasonable, for the sake of my health, while also giving my students the best instruction possible. I'll revise my syllabus today to incorporate these ideas.

2. My walk on the beach made me think of the gale force winds Jon Krakauer describes in "Into Thin Air". I know the ocean wind was weak by comparison, but the thought kept recurring and so I imagined Snug and I were scaling Mt. Everest as he put our heads down and walked directly into the north wind howling down the coast.

3. Giving Snug thirty feet of leash gives him the freedom to wander around the beach and the grass that borders the sand, but keeps him from going out into the ocean, which I don't like him to do, and gives me control over him in case other dogs are around, especially if they are off-leash. It's a great compromise and Snug is really happy with our new arrangement when we walk along the ocean.

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MarmiteToasty said...

I LOVE windy beaches and being all wrapped up warm against the weather....

I took my friends dog once for a walk on one of those long leads that you can let out and in.... I got so tangled up with it as the dog ran around lamp posts and road signs etc that I had to unhook it and untangle it before we got tied in knots LOL