Thursday, September 17, 2009

Three Beautiful Things 09/16/09: Catch-Up, Health Puzzle, Zip -- It's Mailed!

1. So much happens between now and then -- you know, like, I haven't really heard from Colette in twenty years, haven't seen her in twenty-five, and the first catch-up email from her was remarkable in chronicling how much can happen between then and now.

2. I'm supposed to monitor my diet to some degree and the state of my health depends on reducing stress in my life and doing things that make me happy. So, the following made me very happy today: I bought a small chunk of double Gloucester cheese at the Kiva yesterday....finished it off this morning with fresh farm breakfast sausage, fried potatoes, eggs over easy, Marche Parisian hard crust bread, and French Roast coffee....the cheese clinched the beauty of this breakfast...So, happy making breakfast, with my favorite foods, it was relaxing, but did I screw it all up by eating food not fitting for my diet? I. don't. know. It's so, what?, paradoxical, I guess, when the very source of happiness, which helps my health, might also be a means of compromising my health.

3. The little post office tucked away in the very back of Hiron's Drug is never busy. I love going there to mail stuff.

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