Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Three Beautiful Things 09/08/09: Lamb Sausages, Laurie's (We Think), Thistledown Apples

1. I went to the Kiva and bought a pack of lamb, rosemary, and tomato sausage, fried 'em up in some onions, boiled three ears of corn, made gravy, and served the sausage, onion, and gravy over basmati rice. I enjoyed our side of tomato and cottage cheese. The Deke remembered we had some craberry chutney in the fridge and it complemented the sausage and gravy very nicely.

2. Today's verdict: the pizza place in Spokane had been Elmer's and changed owners and became Laurie's and Laurie's is where one of my Renaissance Lit. paper reading groups met on Friday afternoon to read papers over beers. I can live with this until I can verify it via an old phone book or through an archived copy of the Whitworthian, if Laurie's advertised there.

3. Snug and I didn't make it to the coast, but went on a little drive around Fern Lake Resevoir and then jagged out to Thistledown Farm for apples, peaches, onions, and tomatoes. The apples are so good that I might head out and buy some more of them tomorrow.

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