Thursday, September 10, 2009

Three Beautiful Things 09/09/09: World's Problems: Solved, The Deke is Brilliant, Kellogg News and Plans

1. Jeff couldn't make it, damn it. But, Margaret, Michael, and I went into free style discussion of Montagne, To Kill a Mockingbird, teaching writing, blogging, the Oregon Ducks, national politics, and a host of other subjects. Did we manage to solve the world's problems in 90 minutes? Without a doubt.
2. I've decided to step back, make an objective evaluation and the results are in: I'm married to the most intelligent person I know. The Deke riffed on her workplace, elementary students learning French, the correlation between socio-economic comfort/privilege and academic achievement, and it was brilliant. Many in The Deke's line of work do not want to hear what she has to say. The Deke challenges fantasies.

3. Ed called. Man. Wish I could have been in Kellogg on Sept. 5 to get together with friends, listen to music, maybe dance, and take a walk down to the Longshot....and laugh and enjoy one another's company. The best news, though: plans are beginning to take shape for Thanksgiving and our annual get together, which, in the past has been a boys' thing, but, I think, is going to involve the girls more this year and in the it should.

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