Thursday, September 10, 2009

Three Beautiful Things 09/10/09: Kimbo and the Toilet Seat, Snug's a Survivor, Trader Kelly and the Bell

Kimbo Slice Nails an Opponent

1. I felt like I was in a mixed marital arts brawl with Kimbo Slice as I tried to remove our broken toilet seat. After an hour of a bruising battle, I had to leave the house and take Snug to the vet. I returned and Patrick had succeeded in removing the seat and replacing it. I was happy to be done with Kimbo.

2. Snug's eye infection is not bad. No sweat -- except he deeply abhors eyedrops and I've to put them in his eye for the next week.

3. Kelly came on board on my Facebook page and offered hilarious comments about the abhorrent customer service bell at Trader Joe's.

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