Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Three Beautiful Things 09/15/09: Welcome Back Colette!, Poker with the Silver Valley Girls, Snug Walkin'

1. A few years ago Colette called me at my office, left me her number, I wrote it down, lost the slip of paper, and had erased her message. Not being able to get back to Colette has been annoying me all this time and today Colette sent me a Facebook message and we are now back in contact.

2. Around a virtual poker table, with my Kellogg friend Rhonda, I learned I was also there with a sixth grade classmate who left Kellogg after our sixth grade year. I hadn't thought of Dorothy in decades and it was sweet remembering her and playing poker with her and her best friend forever, Rhonda.

3. Snug was the calmest he's ever been on the leash and our walking pace was terrific. It really felt good.

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