Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Three Beautiful Things 10/07/09: Breaking New Dinner Ground, Gilgamesh Sparks, Genesis/Phil Collins

1. For dinner tonight I surprised The Deke and Molly and Patrick with a concoction brand new to our family: salmon patties wrapped in bacon, seasoned with Greek seasoning, garlic, and black pepper, complemented by basmati rice and a sauteed mix of onion, red pepper, and mushrooms.

2. I asked my World Lit students to imagine they'd never heard of the word "hero" and to define "hero" only in terms of the experience told in the epic Gilgamesh and after they wrote out their responses for a while, they electrified our classroom with their insights into and understandings of this great old story.

3. Just after I read a comment Colette made on my blog, Genesis Live/ "Turn It on Again" came on the XM Satellite radio and I enjoyed being transported back to my teaching days at Whitworth, the days of the pine cone curtain, and all the fun Colette and I had listening to Phil Collins and the Police and Bruce Springsteen and The Pretenders and Tom Petty and many others and those memories are very sweet.

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