Saturday, October 24, 2009

Three Beautiful Things 10/23/09: Dexy, Patrick's Kickin' It, Michael and Juliet

1. The conversation over late afternoon coffee with Michael, Margaret, and Jeff was engrossing, so it tells you the power of nostalgia and music that my attention was pulled completely out of our talking together when the coffee shop sound system suddenly played my favorite song/vid of 1982/83, Dexy and the Midnight Runner's "Come on Eileen" and my mind left talking about Shakespeare and teaching at LCC and discussing plays in Ashland and I was back in my generic apartment on Colfax Street in north Spokane, teaching at Whitworth, being moved somehow by denim blue bib overalls.

2. So Patrick comes to my office scattered, pissed, earnest, determined, and confused and we spent nearly an hour sorting out the work he's done on his essay and I'm confident that before long his paper will kick it. Really kick it. Kick it hard.

3. I'd been reading/grading Odyssey essays and talking with Patrick about his essay and a faculty meeting was coming up, so I went to the cafeteria, off the clock, got a cup of coffee, entered an online Texas Hold 'Em sit n go tournament, and Michael came by and I was happy to be completely knocked off my poker groove by our discussion of Romeo and Juliet and the joy he's experiencing teaching Shakespeare again.

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