Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Three Beautiful Things 10/21/09: Thanks Tracy, Good to See Ya Willa, Enlarging Homer

1. One of my students, Tracy, told me she's been reading my blog. I think she told me it was awesome. It was a word of high praise. I know that. She especially liked when one of my 3BT headings was "Flogging Rumi". Her praise made me beam.

2. Willa came up to pay some of us LCC old timers and visit and her dispatches from the front lines at Reed College were fascinating -- especially her experience with being the only student she knows at Reed who's family isn't wealthy.

3. I went around the classroom again today, student by student, asking them to zero in on a particular aspect of human life they see The Odyssey exploring and one by one each student's articulation of his or her insight was stirring and once again, with their collective intelligence, the students enlarged our understanding of this magnificent story.

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Tracy said...

I am glad that i made you beam! Awesome is indeed very high praise