Saturday, October 10, 2009

Three Beautiful Things 10/09/09: Library Help, Uplift Over Coffee, NO HUGS

1. Librarian Jennifer was a great help as we worked together to prepare the way for my class's visit and work session, coming up Tuesday.

2. Michael, Margaret, Jeff, and I had a great coffee together, dragging after the Language, Literature, and Communication division meeting, and uplifted one another's morale with great stories, discussion of music and theater and movies, and by not hashing over the meeting.

3. The Deke and Molly and I laughed and laughed when I told Molly, in front of the Deke, that on our first date, The Deke told me that living in Eugene made her want to sport a "I don't want a fucking hug" button. The Deke, however, did hug me at the end of our first evening out together!

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MarmiteToasty said...

LOL@Dekes words about a hug badge(we dont say button here, we call them badges) you should of made a badge that read 'Tough Shit Your Getting A Hug'