Saturday, October 31, 2009

Three Beautiful Things 10/30/09: Relax Jeremiah, Problems Considered -- Not Solved, French Dressing

1. OooBoy, I thought, I think he's about to get defensive...I think he's smartin' for a fight with me...he doesn't want to be told he didn't do the sort of paper I I stayed even voiced, calm, encouraging, supportive and by the time our conference ended, Jeremiah shook my hand and seemed eager to rework his paper into a piece more in accord with the kind of critical thinking I'm asking my students to work on.

2. Margaret, Michael, Jeff, and I did not get the world's problems solved over coffee this afternoon..a lot of the world's problems remain..but, we gave it our best shot and sure enjoyed shooting the breeze about everything from The Odyssey to the enigmatic Bob Dylan.

3 Litehouse Foods of Sandpoint, Idaho makes a sweetish French dressing that transports me right back to the Jackass Room at the Sunshine Inn in Kellogg, Idaho -- was that sweetish French dressing at the Sunshine Inn made by Litehouse Foods? Or did Litehouse land Bunny's secret recipe? I don't know, but tonight I slathered a glob of French Dressing from Litehouse on a quick salad I threw together and thought Sunshine Inn waitress Petie Westcott had just delivered the salad all the way from 1964 to our kitchen counter in Eugene, Oregon.

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