Friday, October 16, 2009

Three Beautiful Things 10/16/09: Flogging Rumi, Who Cares?, Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

1. Tears ran down my face as Oyster Band Radio on played Flogging Molly performing "Within a Mile from Home" live, soon after I had read this poem by Rumi:

A thousand half-loves
Must be forsaken to take
One whole heart home

Let the Lover be disgraceful , crazy
Absentminded . Someone sober
Will worry about things going badly ,
Let The Lover be.

Lovers do not Finally
meet somewhere
They are in each other all along.

2. I admitted it. I stated it. I owned it. I don't care whether courses being offered through LCC's College Now program meet the standards of excellence our on campus courses meet.

3. I admitted it. I stated it. I owned it. I'm a romantic teacher. It's the life of the heart in literature and writing I care the most about. The State of Oregon's mandates about my work do not reflect what I care the most about and to meet those mandates requires me to teach writing much more as an academic undertaking and less as a spiritual one. I'll do it and as I revise my courses and make changes in my approach, it hurts. It feels like I'm breaking off a romance.

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