Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Two x Three Beautiful Things 10/18-19/09: Grading, PJs Again, Sticky Floors, I Stink, Collective Insight, Awake

1. My students wrote intelligently and convincingly about Gilgamesh and I enjoyed grading their essays.

2. All day grading means one thing: pajama day.

3. My sisters are canning and scanning in Kettle Falls: what a riot!

4. Debbie S. thinks people would read it if I wrote a book entitled, "I Stink". I'd sure have a lot of material to work with, especially when it comes to certain key moments in Zynga poker.

5. When I asked my students to zero in on one and write down one particular topic they found compelling in The Odyssey, they shared them in class and the variety was amazing to me. Always, always, always: the collective insight of a class of students is exponentially better than mine alone. Shut your pie hole, Teach. Listen.

6. The Deke's mom had a brief period of consciousness and recognized Brian and Tom. Even though she is about to pass away, this moment lifted her husband Tom's spirits profoundly.

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