Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Three Beautiful Things 10/27/09: Admirable Students, Uplifting Liz, Kindness of Michael

1. How do they find time to read and write? J. works over 40 hours a week on construction, sometimes driving all the way to Sutherlin on jobs and has half time custody of his daughter and H. works 40 hours a week for the school district and then works at Papa John's for spending money which she spends on tuition at LCC and Mike has a tile business and a son who's recently had two brain surgeries and Clarence, who is homeless, contacted me to say he couldn't make our conference because he had to go before a judge yesterday morning and I ran into E as she was putting a paper under my office door and she's been confined to quarters by her doctor because of illness, this on the aftermath of her mother having lung surgery -- how do they do it?

2. It's an uplift to have conferences with my students in Tutoring Central because Liz runs the joint and she is one of the most vital, positive, forward thinking, caring people I know and I get to talk to her and she always gives me a jolt of her goodness.

3. Michael read my Reflections on Poverty to his WR 122 class and afterward wrote me the kindest, most uplifting email I ever remember receiving.

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