Sunday, October 25, 2009

Three Beautiful Things 10/24/09: Campus Beauty, Duck Yakisoba Crush, Zynga Play Isn't "Real"

1. I honestly forget what a gorgeous campus we have at the University of Oregon and on a late October day with leaves turning orange, yellow, and vermilion, with a sunny sky, and with a campus nearly empty of activity, today was a perfect day to stroll the campus with Russell on our weekly Saturday photo field trip. Pictures to come.

2. I hadn't been to Sakura for quite a while and my plate of Yakisoba noodles was delicious, but even better was arriving for lunch just as the third quarter of the Duck/Huskie game was starting and my noodles were made all the more tasty by the how the Ducks thrashed UW in the second half.

3. I know. I know. It's play money. Nonetheless, when my chip total on Zynga poker went over the 700k mark, it fired me up. Weird. Makes me wonder what really is play and what's "real".

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